Mungall urges IHA and Ministry to increase housing and supports for seniors

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Nelson – MLA Michelle Mungall is pressuring the IHA and the Minister of Health to re-open the 5 units of unused supportive housing at Jubilee Place.

Two recent reports released by the City of Nelson and the Nelson Cares Society have made clear what most residents already know – more housing and supports need to be made available to local seniors. Mungall has sent a letter to the IHA and the Minister of Health calling on them to help address the situation.

“Christy Clark’s government is failing local seniors when it leaves vacant housing units to collect dust,” says Mungall. “These 5 units could help local families by providing the necessary affordable housing and supports seniors needs.”

The Nelson and District Seniors Coordinating Society have identified the 5 self-contained 1 bedroom units at Jubilee Place as existing housing stock that could be serving the needs of seniors in the community with some investment from government.

“There are seniors in this community that are really desperate to find appropriate, secure housing” says Joan Reichardt of the Nelson and District Seniors Coordinating Society. “Knowing that there are units sitting empty, is very frustrating”.

The 5 units, which were originally opened in 1996, have not been occupied since 2010 when Lake View Village was constructed.

“The Liberal government says they can’t afford to invest in these 5 units,” says Mungall. “Meanwhile they find $200,000 every year for the fake town of Jumbo and $4000 a month for former MLA Ben Stewart’s Beijing car allowance. Christy Clark needs to get her priorities straight and invest in real people here in the Kootenays.”