Mungall Has No Trust in Christy Clark’s Flip-Flop Throne Speech

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British Columbians want a better BC, but the BC Liberal Throne Speech shows that Christy Clark has no ideas on how to deliver it. Filled with promises for new childcare spaces, raising social assistance rates and public transit, it is clear Christy Clark has flip-flopped on her own values to propose legislation that has come from the BC New Democrats, proposals completely ignored during the last four terms of government.

“Listening to the BC Liberal Throne Speech, I heard a lot of ideas my New Democrat colleagues and I have been working on for years. In that time the BC Liberals literally laughed at our proposals and now they want British Columbians to believe they are sincere. Not for one second do I believe Christy Clark is actually interested in getting any of this done,” said Mungall.

Christy Clark and the BC Liberals have had 16 years to listen to the people of British Columbia and this is too little, too late. We have the highest rates of child poverty, we’ve been described as the ‘wild west’ when it comes to political donations, and people have been struggling to keep up with exploding utility, insurance and MSP rates. This is the mess the BC Liberals created.

“The sad fact is, she created this mess and could not come up with any of her own ideas to fix it,” said Mungall, “The good news is, the BC NDP and Green Party are ready to get to work to build a better BC, and we can’t wait to get started.”