Mungall demands stable funding for rural schools, not campaign announcements

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NelsonYesterday, the Christy Clark government showed again that they care more about bad headlines in the lead up to an election than they do about our public schools, say Nelson-Creston MLA Michelle Mungall.

“After starving education funding for years, and ignoring families, school districts and communities facing school closures, Christy Clark has finally woken up and decided that she needs to appear to be doing something,” said Mungall.

“Despite a recent visit from the Minister, our letters detailing the issue, and information provided by the school district, the Ministry of Education still does not understand that is six schools facing closure not two” says Mungall. “I am working with the school district to ensure that the two schools identified as eligible by the province are not the only ones in the district who can apply for this funding.”

Mungall encourages anyone concerned about school closures to attend the public meetings organized by the school board, and participate in the public consultation process that is underway.

“What kids and parents in this province need is secure, stable and adequate funding for our schools. But the premier seems to think she can continue underinvesting in our school system with campaign announcements. Not only that, after her failed education budget tore communities apart, she seems to think that British Columbians will applaud her for it.”

MLAs Mungall & Conroy Open Letter to Minister Bernier, June 2016