MLA Mungall excited about NDP climate action plan

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While Christy Clark’s government will let carbon pollution escalate for the next ten years, B.C. New Democrat leader John Horgan has released a climate action plan that will cut carbon pollution, create good jobs, and double the number of British Columbians receiving rebate cheques to offset a higher federal carbon tax.

“BC needs a real plan that puts people and our future first,” said Mungall. “John Horgan’s plan does just that by making the big polluters pay, creating jobs in green industries and focusing on reducing our carbon emissions.”

Horgan released his climate action plan last week to the cheers of many, including Christy Clark’ Climate Leadership Team member and renowned climate change expert Tzeporah Berman.

Horgan’s climate action plan cushions the impact of the federal government’s carbon price on low and middle income families by putting money back in their pockets. He said that while less than 40 per cent of people currently get rebates, under his plan that number will double.

“With our climate action plan, 80 per cent of families will receive rebates. We’ll make sure that the corporations that profit from polluting pay – not average families,” said Horgan.

After family rebates are paid to British Columbians, the New Democrat climate plan will invest the remaining carbon tax revenues in good jobs building public transit, expanding clean and green technology industries, and building energy efficient construction in every B.C. community.

“The federal government has said they’ll impose a new carbon price. We need a made-in-B.C. approach that gets us the right results, more good jobs that last and real reductions in carbon pollution, without making average families pay the price,” said Horgan.

“Our plan invests directly in a sustainable B.C. economy that puts people to work with new and lasting jobs building green infrastructure that actually cuts carbon pollution, instead of Christy Clark’s tax breaks for corporations.

“It’s also time to respect the hard work of the Climate Leadership Team by putting their recommendations into action to cut emissions and set targets, because the only way to defend our environment is to make sure pollution is going down, not up.”

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