MLA Mungall disappointed by Christy Clark’s “Forget Everything” budget

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“These are shaky election promises not economic policies,” said Mungall.  “After years of cuts and spiralling costs to MSP premiums and housing, Christy Clark wants the people of BC to simply forget everything and vote for more of the same.”

Under the Liberal government, MSP premiums have doubled and hydro bills, housing costs, and ICBC premiums are all spiralling out of control.  The average BC family is now paying $1000 dollars more for services, making Christy Clark’s last minute attempt to buy people with their own money seem especially cynical.

BC New Democrat Leader John Horgan points out that the wages of working people in BC are stagnating while Christy Clark received a $300,000 “signing bonus” from her corporate sponsors in exchange for billions in tax breaks to those same wealthy people. “One ‘forget everything’ budget isn’t going to change who Christy Clark is really working for,” said Horgan. “She didn’t work for you after the last election and she won’t work for you after the next one.”

“Chrisy Clark made life worse for families.  And now that an election is coming she wants people to forget everything,” said Horgan.

“This budget doesn’t even mention seniors and fails to get to the heart of BC’s affordability crisis,” said Mungall.  “Election time promises from this government must be weighed against Christy Clark’s record of working only for her rich donors. Unfortunately for Christy, the people of BC have good memories.”