Water on the Table

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To view the trailer click http://www.youtube.com/user/wateronthetable

What: A presentation of the film ‘Water on the Table’; Q&A with filmmaker Liz Marshall; presentations by local activists working within regional water issues.

Where and When: Kaslo, Sept. 16,  Langham Theatre and

Nelson, Sept. 17, 7pm,United Church, 7pm

Who: Liz Marshall, film maker; Raelynn Gibson, West Kootenay EcoSociety; Michelle Mungall, MLA.

Nelson, BC – “Is water a commercial good like running shoes or coca-cola? Or, is water a human right like air?” This is the question posed by Liz Marshall, as she tours across Canada with her new film `Water on the Table`. The film features Canadian Maude Barlow who is considered an “international water-warrior” for her crusade to have water declared a human right: “Water must be declared a public trust and a human right that belongs to the people, the ecosystem and the future, and preserved for all time and practice in law. Clean water must be delivered as a public service, not a profitable commodity.”

Local MLA Michelle Mungall is co-sponsoring both film nights. “The Columbia Basin is home to one of the world’s largest fresh water concentrations,” Mungall says, “so the question of how we use our water is one that we need to act upon.”

The documentary explores Canada’s relationship to freshwater, arguably its most precious natural resource. At stake in Barlow’s crusade is humanity’s own right to the liquid that sustains all life – balanced against powerful interests that insist water is just another resource to be bought and sold. Barlow’s opponents; policy and economic experts in Canada and the U.S., argue that water is no different than any other resource and that the best way to protect freshwater is to privatize it. It is proposed that Canada bulk-export its water to the United States in the face of an imminent water crisis.

Cinematic haiku-style images by Canadian Director of Photography Steve Cosens, linger on watersheds, wetlands, rivers, estuaries, waterfalls and lakes, bridging themes and questions and elevating water beyond the political framework the film overtly explores.

When Liz and her team were in the West Kootenay filming, they interviewed Lee-Ann Unger of the EcoSociety, Michelle Mungall, MLA, Storm and Mick of Rainbow`s End Ranch, and Neil Murphy of Purcell Green Power on the topic of water and the independent power project proposal on Glacier and Howser Creeks. This footage will premiere at the events.