Taking Holistic Action on Climate Change

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Click here to watch video: October 27, 2009 – Statements – Michelle Mungall, MLA Nelson – Creston

December 7 to 18 is the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Like people all over the world, I care deeply for the environment and I am committed to reducing our impact on global warming. Reducing carbon emissions to 350 parts per million is possible if we take on the task.

What the NDP is proposing is to cap emissions from large polluters. The National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy says gas taxes are actually the wrong way to go and most of the world is moving towards cap and trade systems. The NDP believes we need to be part of a global solution to solve a global problem.

On the other hand, the BC Liberals have imposed a revenue-neutral gas tax with dubious results and the biggest tax breaks go to their corporate pals. Further looking to benefit their corporate donors, the Liberals have increased subsidies to oil and gas while also looking to lift the moratorium from offshore oil drilling. And if that wasn’t enough, the BC Liberals are dedicated to destroying watersheds and privatizing our water and public resources in the name of energy production. Add this to slashed budgets for protection of our parks, termination of the LiveSmart program, reduced standards for environmental sustainability, and a new 7% HST on green technologies and products, the BC Liberals have one of the poorest environmental records.


The BCNDP is committed to leadership on climate change. We need to look at a holistic method to tackle this issue and leave a positive future for generations to come.

In addition to the Cap and Trade method we are proposing:

  • Provincial Green Fund: starting with $150 million from corporate carbon taxes to enhance public transportation, sustainable infrastructure and the creation of green jobs now.
  • Green Bonds: ethical, secure investments to green BC’s infrastructure
  • Low-interest loans to spur green retro-fits for home and business-owners plus the rebate system.
  • Public ownership over resources and retention of BC Hydro as a public asset.
  • Retain the NDP’s moratorium on offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling
  • Tenure Reform and sustainable forest practices, including a strong reforestation program that grows our carbon sinks
  • Stimulating local economy and supporting local agriculture.
  • Develop a Poverty Reduction Plan

This comprehensive plan looks to battle climate change on a series of levels and makes battling climate change accessible for people of all income levels. To see what I am doing personally, go to http://www.michellemungall.com/carbon_footprint.html.