Mungall presents large petition to keep Jumbo wild

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MLA Michelle Mungall presented a petition in the legislature signed by 61,526 people from the Kootenays and around the world who want to keep Jumbo wild.

Mungall points out that the sheer number of signatures prove that the people of the Kootenays want to keep the Jumbo Valley free of any development project and are supported in this initiative by people from all over the world.

Governing the Jumbo Valley, Qat’ Muk in Ktunaxa, is a fake town with a Mayor and Council and bank account serving no one.

“This fake town, which is actually just a slab of concrete buried in an avalanche path, has a mayor, a council, a bank account, and yet it serves no-one,” said Mungall. “Replying to my request to fold this fake town, Christy Clark’s Liberals said they want to see something ‘come to fruition.'”

“It’s time to put our energy into real projects that benefit real people in the Kootenays.”