Mungall Giving Away Free Roller Derby Tickets! Email your entry to win.

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Nelson- Let your MLA know why community sport is important and you could win tickets to this season’s West Kootenay Roller Derby bouts. Michelle Mungall is drawing pairs of tickets to see one of this region’s most explosive sporting events. Just email your submission to . The first Draw was May 26 for the May 28th bout in Nelson. The next draw will be two days before the June 17th bout at the Castlegar Community Complex. Get your entries in by June 15th.

“Promoting and supporting community sport is good on so many levels. I know why it’s important to me, but I want to hear why it is important to the people of this region,” says Mungall, “And as an extra incentive, I’ll be entering everyone who participates into draws that take place two days before each West Kootenay bout.”

The West Kootenay Women’s Rollerdderby League currently boasts eight teams including the Babes of Brutality, Lumberjackies and Killjoys. They represent a sport that is fast paced, fun and growing in popularity throughout BC.

Recently, Mungall spoke to this “roller derby explosion” in BC’s Legislature. “The West Kootenay women, while the largest league [in Canada], aren’t the only growing league,” said Mungall before the last bout. She then proceeded to list all BC leagues from the originators, Eves of Destruction, to Fort St. John’s Energetic City Roller Derby Association.

“Roller derby is among the many great community sports in our region,” says Mungall “Getting out and being active is good for your health, your community and the province.”