Mungall Accuses Government of Gerrymandering

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Nelson – MLA Michelle Mungall did not mince words when speaking to the government about their proposed Electoral Boundaries Commission Amendment Act 2014. Concerned the Liberal government is using the legislation as a tool for gerrymandering, Mungall warned that they were playing “fast and loose with democracy.”
Mungall was very clear about her position saying “I want to state unequivocally that I am for rural representation. I believe in democracy, and I oppose gerrymandering. That’s what this government is trying to do with this bill. It is trying to gerrymander electoral boundaries for its own political gain, and there is no way that I will rise and support that.”
“Finding the balance between representation by region and population, a Canadian electoral convention, should be done between the independent Electoral Boundaries Commission and the public without such overt political interference from the government of the day,” says Mungall. “Consequently, we can expect the taxpayers footing the bill for yet another unconstitutional law passed by the Liberals.”
The Liberals have proposed to reserve 17 rural ridings from any changes under the upcoming boundaries redistribution in the Electoral Boundaries Commission Amendment Act. The Bill subverts Canadian law regarding the considerations required in boundary distribution. This law states that a riding cannot be 25% above or below the provincial average without extraordinary circumstances. Decisions about extraordinary circumstances are typically made as a result of public consultation. In subverting the law, this bill also subverts the public engagement process Kootenay residents have used in the past to speak for the importance of rural representation and the retention of four Kootenay ridings.

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