Bill 17 Clean Energy Act: Eco-Flirtatious

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Please click to view the webclip: MLA Michelle Mungall Bill 17 Clean Energy Act Response June 2, 2010

B.C. Notebook

Rod Mickleburgh, GLOBE AND MAIL

Hummer? Bummer. Eco-hottie’s gas guzzler ruins date

Would she or wouldn’t she?

The date fate of a potential tryst between MLA Michelle Mungall and a good-looking, smooth-talking, self-proclaimed Mr. Green had members on both sides of the legislation transfixed this week, as Ms. Mungall spun her spicy tale during an otherwise humdrum debate on the Clean Energy Act.

This guy had all the right stuff, recalled the 32-year old NDP representative from Nelson-Creston.

He recycled, he had a compost bucket underneath his sink, he liked hiking and the outdoors, he cared for “all the critters in B.C.,” he drank tap water instead of buying the stuff in bottles. And on and on.

Not only that, added Ms. Mungall. “He was really cute, a really good-looking guy.”

The date started to go pretty well. “I was kind of liking this guy at this point,” she tantalizingly told the House.

Ms. Mungall began to think she might want to take a closer look at that compost bucket. When her date offered a ride “home,” she jumped at the chance “to spend a little bit of extra time with this charming, good-looking guy.”

She recalled thinking: “I’ll just leave my bike locked up overnight, and I’ll take a ride.”

And then … and then … the walls came a-tumbling down. No ride. No compost bucket inspection. No nothing.

After all that sweet enviro talk, Mr. Green turned out to drive a Hummer. Gadzooks. “I didn’t even get in the car,” said the mortified Ms. Mungall.

The moral of this yarn, according to the NDP MLA for close calls: The Clean Energy Act may sound good, but deep down, it’s driving a Hummer.

Meanwhile, I’d love to hear her date’s version of the night that almost was.