New Democrat MLAs Stood Up For Paramedics All Night Long

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All this week, New Democrat MLAs have been standing up against the BC Liberals’ attempt to impose a contract onto paramedics.

From 9 am on Nov. 5 to 8am on November 6, our teamstood up in the legislature to fight – all night long – for the integrity of our health care system and the collective bargaining rights of all British Columbians.

Bill 21 is an admission by the government of their failure to manage the health care system.

Instead of addressing the critical issues paramedics face across the province, the government decided to ram through legislation that undermines our ambulance service and damages our public health care system. We spoke out against that legislation, NDP MLA after NDP MLA. Watch the debate online at

If the government were serious about improving health care, they would respect front-line workers, including our hard-working ambulance paramedics who save lives in our communities every day. But that wasn’t the choice they made.

New Democrats will continue to stand up and speak out for the benefit of all British Columbians